Project: And All the Question Marks Started to Sing Role: Producing Partner and Curator

For nearly 25 years, the Norwegian art collective Verdensteatret has created original works at the intersection of theater, visual art, music and sound. Their newest piece, And All the Question Marks Started to Sing, is a bewilderingly complex art machine played by performers, musicians, and robots. In this high-powered performance, company members manipulate an intricate array of kinetic sculptures assembled from the refuse of everyday life—bicycle wheels, scraps of metal, lenses, celluloid film strips, obsolete amplifier tubes and other electromechanical contraptions—to create a constantly transforming landscape of deeply poetic images and sound. Verdensteatret riffs on the animation filmmakers the Quay Brothers and Ladislav Starevich, the automata and mechanical toys of the 19th century, modern kinetic and conceptual sculpture, the early electronic music (1920 – 1960), among other influences, to create their own unique hybrid of performance, installation and concert.

Additional funding for this program is provided by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York, and the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Andrew E. and G. Norman Wigeland Fund. This presentation is made possible, in part, by the generous support of Virginia and Tim Millhiser through the David R. White Producers Circle. FuturePerfect received a generous contribution from Charles and Bonnie Granatir in support of this presentation. Verdensteatret is supported by the Arts Council Norway, and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The live production of And All the Question Marks Started to Sing is a co-production between Verdensteatret,
Theater der Welt, Black Box Teater, BIT Teatergarasjen and Avant Art Festival.