ClientsBetween Music

Project: AquaSonic Role: Creative Producer

How is music composed underwater? What are the physics of sound in water? What kinds of instruments can sustain melody in these aquatic environments ? These were some of the questions that Between Music asked us to help solve for their latest and most ambitious work AquaSonic.

Over the next two years, FuturePerfect designed and implemented a multi-phase plan for solving numerous acoustic, technical and aesthetic problems in order to complete the work. This involved assembling and managing a team of scientists, artists and inventors including the Danish artistic director and stage designer Kirsten Dehlholm, MIT engineer and artist Andy Cavatorta, UK-based electronic engineer and cymbalsmith Matt Nolan, and University of Texas, Austin aquatic acoustic engineer Preston Wilson. We also located artist-in-residencies, generated marketing and communication materials, helped to find additional funding and sponsorship, and created numerous opportunities for presentation.

FuturePerfect worked closely with the Danish consulate in New York as well as members from the Agency for Culture and Palaces in Copenhagen. After securing a world premiere at the Operadagen Festival in Rotterdam in 2016, we organized a world tour to France, Lithuania, Scotland, Russia and Australia.

AquaSonic was one of the 10 winners of the Music Theater Now competition in 2018.