ClientsFusebox Festival

Project: Art and Technology at Fusebox Role: Creative Consultant

In 2012 Ron Berry, the Artistic Director of Fusebox Festival, hired FuturePerfect to help create a modest and flexible blueprint for initiating a new art and technology platform that would augment and enhance its city-wide annual event and build new audiences.

The blueprint included a new mission statement, goals, objectives and timeline suggesting ways to engage both the local Austin community and select art and technology hubs in the US and Europe. FuturePerfect emphasized the importance of engaging its Spanish-speaking neighbors in Mexico and South America and to foreground potential cultural links around technology initiatives emerging in those countries as well.

As part of this process, we participated in several brainstorming sessions including a public presentation that examined different ways Fusebox might foster a more meaningful interaction between the art world and the technology world. We explored what shape this could take on for Fusebox. What its function could be (i.e., a lab for artists and technology professionals? Or a showcase? etc.) If so, what sorts of parameters might be interesting? Who were potential players? Were there other models (nationally and internationally they could be looking at)?