Project: HANNAH Role: Producing Partner

In November 2016 Verdensteatret returned to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, a location they had first visited 10 years ago, to begin research on a new work that premiered at Ultima: Oslo Contemporary Music Festival on September 8, 2017. Described as a series of elaborate audio-visual compositions — generated via an electronic feedback system — Verdensteatret turns its focus to ideas about repetition, memory, attention fatigue, and the way physical objects affect their surroundings over extremely long geological time-spans.

Verdensteatret has often built its pieces from “raw” materials collected during journeys and encounters with foreign landscapes. For example, the company created Tsalal (2001-2002) from a trip to Odessa and Istanbul, Concert for Greenland (2003) engaged the harsh and majestic landscapes of Greenland and other north-Atlantic islands, and Louder (2007) was created after a journey to Vietnam. With this new work the company continues its preoccupation with travel bringing together disparate materials, rhythms, and practices to create uncanny spaces that are as unsettling as they are beautiful: HD drone footage from the Mekong River and generative video, electro-mechanical instruments made from recycled organ parts, resonating scrap metal, robotically controlled feather dusters, yellow felt and much more.