ClientsChico MacMurtrie

Project: Pneuma World Role: Producing Partner

FuturePerfect has been in dialogue with Chico MacMurtrie since 2014 when we served as a presenting partner for his Robotic Church, a site-specific installation and performance featuring 35 pneumatic and motorized sound-making robots.

We are currently working with MacMurtrie to develop a large scale performance installation—an opera of the human condition—provisionally titled Pneuma World. The work, divided into four sections, reimagines and restages hundreds of his pneumatic robotic sculptures and mythic worlds into an immersive environment of monumental proportions.

  • Act 1. The Robotic Church performance, an opera of the human condition.
  • Act 2. The Ascension of the Robotic Church and the Descent of Pneuma World.
  • Act 3. The Myriad of all Things, an unparalleled interactive performance.
  • Act 4. Completion of the Robotic Life Cycle.

Central to Pneuma World is the artist’s long fascination with the underlying essence of movement and transformation in organic and non-organic bodies. His dramatic focus on both the architecture of the human senses and the architecture of physical space makes his work perfectly poised for flexible and large-scale venues.

Pneuma World is a carefully curated installation of past and new works that draw audiences into the artist’s pulsating, mythic, transforming and captivating story-spaces of entropy, domination and mortality.

From 1992 to 2017 MacMurtrie has been producing works that oscillate between sculpture, performance, sound, installation and opera. Designed and produced at increasingly large scales, MacMurtrie’s universes include carefully choreographed and responsive ephemeral bodies, or what he calls inflatable architecture; and very complex pneumatic-driven metallic orchestras consisting of hundreds of anthropomorphic figures. There is even a life-sized automobile that mechanically breaks apart, and visually explodes until it reaches its final form: an organic 60-foot-tall totem pole. MacMurtrie has exhibited these works internationally in Germany, France, Australia, China, Japan, US, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, and elsewhere. He has never shown this scale of work in New York.