Project: Teknopolis Role: Creative Consultant

BAM’s education department approached us in 2016 to develop a multi-phase strategy for creating new experiences and knowledge around the shifting status of the body in media, performance and design. For this first exploratory phase, the Director of Education asked us to focus on a new program called Teknopolis, four floors of interactive digital works in the Fishman space that explored new horizons of virtual reality.

Throughout this process we critically read through texts and material provided by BAM including curatorial and mission statements, and video and teaching materials. We met with staff from the marketing, programming, and operations teams to hear debates and gather perspectives about their understanding of technology and the arts at BAM. From this research we generated arguments and positions resulting in an interactive map that visualized opportunities for new digital programming and pedagogy.

Wayne Ashley was the original architect of BAM’s new media initiatives in 1999 and bringing our team into this project gave staff a deeper insight into the various ways that technology had figured into past BAM artistic programming and infrastructure.