InitiativesKarnāṭaka Samgīta Project

Digital technologies have often been perceived as putting traditional cultural expressions at risk. A frequently made statement in this respect is that, “[t]he distinct and diverse qualities of the world’s multiple cultural communities are threatened in the face of uniformity brought on by new technologies and the globalization of culture and commerce.” (WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, May 2003)

FuturePerfect’s team together with Carnatic musicians Krishni Anandarajan, Vivek Rudrapatna, Murali Balachandran, and electronic music composer and theater director Roberto Paci Dalo sought to counter these threats through a mutual sharing and interrogation of each other’s musical structures and compositional strategies, performance contexts, and audiences.

Through workshops at Abrons Art Center, meetings, interviews, and improvisational recording sessions at Wombat Studios, the group began to map out a new evening length work that would present the outcomes of their explorations and research.