Initiative: Performance Lab

Together with CLICK Festival, Denmark’s renowned event dedicated to cultural innovation, FuturePerfect has initiatied an international performance lab and residency that supports, organizes, presents and disseminates projects that foreground transdisciplinary practice and inquiry. The lab’s central concern is the future of live performance in the context of rapidly changing information and interactive technologies and increasing exchanges among science, design, art and commerce.

Beginning in April 2019, FuturePerfect together with associate team members Micah Silver, Andy Cavatorta, and Alan Feldman, will begin a first-phase planning ptocess that wil yield a trajectory for moving forward.

In May 2017, CLICK Festival and FuturePerfect organized a meeting at Culture Yard to begin discussing concepts, design, and implementation of this performance lab. Participants included: Mikael Fock (Artistic Director, CLICK Festival and The Culture Yard), Søs Krogh Vikkelsøe (CLICK Festival and The Culture Yard), Kajsa Giertz (Teaterchef, Helsingborgs stadsteater), Kitte Wagner (Teaterchef, Malmö Stadsteater), Geir Lindahl (Advisor, Performing Arts Hub Norway), Tina Tarpgaard (Choreographer, Recoil Performance), Peder Bjurman (Writer and Director, FMR Production), Wayne Ashley (Founding Executive Producer, FuturePerfect Productions), and Xander Seren (Associate Producer, FuturePerfect Productions).