InitiativesStarve the Algorithm

Starve the Algorithm at TCCF is the first phase of a larger virtual work by internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge in collaboration with expanded reality studio FuturePerfect. Marking the artist’s first foray into the emerging space of the metaverse, Starve the Algorithm is a series of nested worlds inhabited by fragments and traces of Kentridge’s ideas, materials and understanding of history. This is the beginning of a long conversation, a virtual sketch for a full production that will premiere in 2023.

Upon entering, participants encounter the artist’s studio, a rich and varied terrain of cardboard models, unopened packages, charcoal drawings, brushes, paints, pencils, erasers, books, newspaper cuttings, lists and notes, cables, and cameras. But very soon, they are guided through a virtual architecture of interlocking rooms and passageways, across the unexpected landscape of a gigantic quarry, a miniature kinetic theater, a hall lined with curiosity cabinets, to a final crescendo of swirling megaphones. Together, William Kentridge and FuturePerfect seek to carve out a virtual space that privileges the untranslatable, the misinterpreted, and the unpredictable. They search for a glitch in the system that challenges the infallibility of the algorithm.

Starve the Algorithm is the first in a series of projects by FuturePerfect Studio that evolve the way audiences engage with cultural experiences in virtual worlds. The work is is developed with the support of Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Jacob’s Pillow.

Kentridge Studio & The Office
Artist & Director | William Kentridge
Set Designer | Sabine Theunissen
Costume & Puppet Design | Greta Goiris
Technical & Video | Janus Fouché
Producer | Laurie Cearley
Producer | Rachel Chanoff

FuturePerfect Studio
Founder & Creative Director | Wayne Ashley
Product Director | Xander Seren
Digital Content Specialist & Project Manager | Rob Carlisle
Interaction Designer & Programmer | Jack Carlisle
3D Scanning | Archi-Tech