An extended reality studio

FuturePerfect Studio is an extended reality studio creating immersive experiences for global audiences. Our work is distributed across VR, desktop computers, giant screens, live performance, and physical installations. The studio is based in Brooklyn, NY and led by Founder & Creative Director Wayne Ashley and Product Director Xander Seren.

We build virtual worlds and interactive narratives that push the limits of the metaverse. Our current work combines game engines, virtual reality, 3D scanning, photogrammetry, motion capture, volumetric video, and animation.

Wayne Ashley founded FuturePerfect Studio in 2008 with the goal of building complex works across the fields of art, media, and technology. Over the past 14 years we've created experiences in parks, warehouses, music venues, theaters, and online. We induced intense hallucinations in hundreds of audience members, invented new instruments for an underwater music concert, made theatrical interventions in public libraries, deployed databases and algorithms to generate new dramatic texts, and developed a live animation system for a French Shakespeare production using computer vision.

For the past 18 years we’ve been invested in the emerging space of the metaverse, long before its newsworthiness. We've worked with groups of impassioned artists, architects, theorists, and filmmakers to exploit the tools, code, graphics, and even the programming errors of popular video games and virtual worlds to create new cinematic forms (Machinima), soundscapes, interactive performances, talk show formats, and art installations.